Friday, December 11, 2009

The Real Food Rehab Holiday Gift Guide: Greg Christian

Greg Christian is the Obi-Wan Kenobi of Chicago's sustainability movement. Each encounter I've had with Greg, whether in person, or via email, ends with a sincere directive, encouraging me to stay the course, to believe that my contributions to the cause are good ones, and to never give up and I love that about him. This man's passion is palpable and I have a feeling, that wherever he goes, he's subtly tutoring us all in the ways of The Force...

WHO Entrepreneur, chef, author, and caterer, Greg Christian is the owner of Greg Christian Consulting, a consulting firm focused on helping food service companies become more sustainable. Greg is at the forefront of his non-profit organization, The Organic School Project, an initiative he launched in 2005 to provide school children with positive food choices. Greg is considered a leader in green business and a pioneer in the foodservice industry's zero-impact movement.

THE GIFT I often find that a gift is better remembered if it's an experience rather than a thing. So, for the holiday season, I recommend that you treat someone you love to a hand-made delicacy, such as these Zeppole (Italian donuts), from Zullo’s, an Italian-inspired vendor at Chicago's Green City Market and soon to be opening at Chicago's new French Market at the Ogilvie Train Station. Zullo’s mission is to honor the environment and connect people to their food source in an affordable way. Their food is 95% organic and locally sourced. The menu is ingredient-driven; they look at what’s available from local farmers on any particular day when deciding what to put on the menu. The food is simple and delicious.

A Personal Message From Greg Christian

Love yourself more
Forgive yourself more
Open your hearts more
Try to move your daily routines towards sustainability.
Every little bit makes a difference.


People inspire me. People who have beautiful, open hearts. People who pour their essence into passionate projects. People who partner that essence with clear intention. These types of people inspire me.

GO-TO DISH WHEN COOKING FOR YOURSELF? Anything that can be made in one pot!

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