Monday, July 6, 2009

Pickled Snicky Snacks

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "Hey, Dana Joy, when do you find time to pickle?" Well, dear readers, I make time. And, I've become one of pickling's biggest fans. Yes, it is slightly time consuming and you have to project in to the future a bit to enjoy them. Not only do they take about four weeks to cure but they require some vision. What gets me to commit to the process is envisioning some dark mid-winter day when I've been eating braised meats, kale and potatoes for what feels like years and I'm just aching for something fresh and bright and a harbinger of warm, sunny days ahead. And then, I reach into my cupboard and grab a jar of these babies. They brighten everything they touch and they give me hope. More important, they taste damn good. They also make great hostess gifts - they're showy in a Little House on the Prairie-kind of way.

I did this batch with a good friend. It's easier than you think, requires little equipment save for Ball Jars which are super cheap (and can be found at Ace Hardware stores) and a canning jar lifter which is essential. I got mine at Sur La Table. It took the better part of an afternoon and we celebrated our bounty by sharing a great beer.

I eat these right out of the jar, I serve them as snickey snacks during cocktail hour or as part of an antipasti course. I throw them in salads and they're the perfect accompaniment to braised and smoky meats.

The recipe we used is from the New York Times, adapted from the book, Well-Preserved by Eugenia Bone. Instead of me typing it out, just click HERE.

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